Flat Roofing

GRP Fibreglass & Liquid Flat Roof Installations

We’re an approved installer for various flat roof systems including single ply and GRP fibreglass, giving up to 20 years guarantee on workmanship and materials. We are currently trained in the following GRP systems; Dryseal and Metrix. Both are cold-applied liquid systems; Dryseal incorporating a mechanically fix pre-cured Dryseal GRP* flat sheet, chopped strand glass mat, polyester resin and resin top coat with the Matrix system comprising of two coats of premium grade liquid resin to be applied over a substrate matting material.

Our Liquid Systems consist of; Rubba-Roof, a seamless, solvent free, 100% solids, single ply, cold-applied liquid membrane coating and RapidRoof; a fully waterproof liquid applied high performing waterproofing roofing membrane.

Every one of these options is rated for their durability and their easy application to any type of roof area; from small roofs to large surfaces areas. Our team will take into account any balcony or walkway measurements that would interfere with the final installation, providing a specification to suit your requirement.

To get started on your new flat roof design and installation, please give us a call at (01491) 579659 or send us an email today.

See our Case Study on a recently completed project where we installed Dryseal in Newbury for 2 blocks of flats...

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