Matrix Roofing

Matrix Roofing (GRP)


What is it?

Originally developed for use in ship building, Matrix Roofing uses Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) to provide a hardwearing easy to install roofing solution for any roof, but is more commonly used for flat roofs and complex roof designs with lots of protrusions, such as sky lights.

The main advantages to you for choosing a Matrix roofing system is as follows

What is it?

  • Environmentally friendly – one off installation, no waste
  • Long term guarantees – material and workmanship
  • Virtually Maintenance free – outlets require clearing yearly
  • No joints or seams – no avenues for water to seep through
  • Lighter than traditional roof tiles


Bondright's installation of matrix roofing (or GRP) follows a straightforward process, benefitting you with a fast turnaround and cost savings. The process we follow for installation is as follows:

  • Strip the old roof back to the supporting structure
  • Form a new roof deck using 18mm thick boards.
  • Apply fibreglass profiled trims to all edges of the roof to ensure nice smooth lines.
  • Cover the main deck using a liquid resin based system which is reinforced with fibreglass matt.
  • Apply a finishing coat of tough protective polyester topcoat

As you would expect there are a variety of colour and finish options, such as walkway requirements for your new roof and upon contacting us for your free quotation we can discuss the most suitable colour option for your property.

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