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What is it?

Sappi roofing is a polymer bitumen waterproofing membrane. This membrane is applied to a variety of roofs – flat, curved and pitched. Applied by using a torch on method the membrane has a low melting temperature which makes it easy to bond, which also reduces the gas consumption required to install the system.

The membrane has high plasticity which enables the roof, once installed to cope extremely well in adverse weather conditions.

With recent leaps in technology Sappi roofing systems are designed to satisfy a variety of roofing applications in a much faster installation time.

Long term material and workmanship guarantees up to 25 years and Insurance Backed Guarantees available of 10 years


Applying a Sappi roofing system is now easier than ever and time to install has reduced significantly.

Dependant on the size of the roof we are often able to install within 1 day.


Available in SBS, APP, heat transfer/ thermo-adhesive, self adhesive, metal faced Sappi roofing systems are suitable for use on

  • Flat roofs,
  • Bridge decks,
  • Roof gardens,
  • Domestic civil and industrial roofs
  • Concrete roofs (flat or curved), metal and timber decks.
  • Warm or cold roofs.

Additional applications for waterproofing membranes include

  • Tanking
  • Underfloor, foundations, underground, tanking, terraces, canals. Under tiles or slates and re-roofing of existing coverings.

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