Sheeting & Cladding

Sheeting & Cladding

Sheeting & Cladding

Sheeting & Cladding

With regular rainy season across the UK, homeowners and entrepreneurs ought to be able to keep their buildings safe from long-term water damage. To meet their needs, Bondright Roofing offers a wide selection of waterproofing materials in our sheeting and cladding systems. Whether you need a replacement or repairs, we have an extensive supply to cover any rooftop with superior weather protection.

How We Replace Old Roof Sheeting

Every roofing job starts with a complete inspection, where we look for signs of damage and any lurking health risks. Our team is trained and certified to identify serious issues like asbestos and mould.

Our metal roof sheeting is made from a highly-durable steel coating, guaranteed to last for at least 10 years with little to no maintenance. All our sheeting is manufactured in-house to your exact specifications, then installed and secured using fibre cement. Our tradespeople promise to be fast and friendly when laying down your new roof, so you can enjoy our product with minimal disruption to your daily routine.

Roof Cladding Installations and Replacements

Compared to single-layer sheeting, Bondright Roofing also offers multi-layer cladding for homes and businesses in London, Oxfordshire and the rest of the UK.

Our cladding is certified to be:

  • Manufactured to order
  • Visually appealing
  • A safe repair option for older buildings
  • Coated in Plastisol and galvanised for anti-corrosion

Low Maintenance Roofing Products

Composite Paneling

To satisfy modern building regulations, we offer composite panels as cladding for commercial properties and industrial centres. This cost-effective solution combines effective insulating material with an anti-condensation layer, so both your workers and your machinery will be sheltered from extreme weather conditions all year round.

Single and Double Layer Insulation

Need to improve your building’s insulation at a low price? We offer single and double-ply cladding for your storefront, office building, factory or warehouse. This simple roofing material is designed to be an effective insulator for both heat and noise in your environment.

A Trusted UK Sheet and Cladding Supplier

For over 40 years, Bondright Roofing has catered to homeowners and other customers with our selection of rooftop paneling, backed by HomePro Insurance and our personal craftsmanship. Thanks to modern technology and our access to high-end building materials, no household is too big a challenge for us. We take pride in our work, as our finished roofs are well-protected against the elements and natural fading.

Want to know how our sheeting and cladding can fit within your renovation budget? Call us today at (01491) 579659 or send us an email for a free measure and quote.

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